Why Instructional Designers need to view knowledge as a new natural resource

Let me explain. Our species has been propelled forwards by the exploitation of pre-existing natural resources since the time of our distant ancestors. A couple of million years ago an ancestor, Homo Habilis, turned a natural resource –a piece of obsidian that had been lying around for a few billion years unnoticed– into a razor-sharp tool. This sudden and evolutionary action, sparked by an idea, became the Tool Age. And we have never looked back. This ancient hominid then had to explain how his discovery worked and in doing so became the first Instructional Designer.

Since then it’s always been people who had ideas that revolutionized and evolutionized life for us by invention and instruction. Gradually at first and speeding up to the point now where revolutions and evolutions take place within a single life span. Those under thirty take this speedy unfolding of ideas for granted – they have never known anything else. My six year old grandson was recently taken aback when handed a phone at a friend’s house without a video screen!

Sourced through Scoop.it from: elearningindustry.com

Why Instructional Designers need to view knowledge as a new natural resource

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