Leadership and Cooperation in Academia : Leadership and Cooperation in Academia Reflecting on the Roles and Responsibilities of University Faculty and Management

Across the world academic institutions are being questioned by their stakeholders and pressured to change. Answering these questions requires that academics and professional managers in universities think about their work, its value and organisation. The book highlights the need for space and stimulus to reflect on the responsibilities, roles and expectations that they identify for themselves, and that others place upon them – then, they might be better able to understand and to act. Similarly, policymakers and higher education commentators need the space and stimulus to reflect on the role of universities. This book will provide this space and an invaluable contribution to the stimulus.



Chapter 1: The university: a critical comparison of three ideal types

Chapter 2: The ‘form’ of ‘reform’. The postwar university in Britain, 1945–1992

Chapter 3: Balancing the core activities of universities: for a university that teaches

Chapter 4: Space in an inferno? The organization of modern universities and the role of academics

Chapter 5: Sense and sensibility in academia

Chapter 6: From state to market via corruption: universities in an era of privatization

Chapter 7: Marketization and alienation in academic activity

Chapter 8: Motivational resilience in the university system

Chapter 9: Peer review: the academic guild’s last stand or key to knowledge as a public good?

Chapter 10: Cooperation and leadership in academia: the roles of non-academics

Chapter 11: The global reach of universities: leading and engaging academic and support staff in the internationalization of higher education

Chapter 12: Funding higher education in the great recession: an international perspective

Chapter 13: Developing the ‘third place’: the collaborative roles of universities in territorial knowledge creation

Chapter 14: The development of action research processes and their impacts on socio-economic development in the Basque Country

Chapter 15: Where were you?

Chapter 16: On leadershp



Leadership and Cooperation in AcademiaReflecting on the Roles and Responsibilities of University Faculty and ManagementEdited by Roger Sugden, Marcela Valania and James R. Wilson

EE, 2013, DOI:10.4337/9781781001820


Source: www.elgaronline.com

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