Libraries are likely partners for community digital inclusion efforts: read the reports | Blandin on Broadband

The American Library Association recently released a comprehensive study on digital inclusion efforts in libraries – including public access to broadband. Two of my passions in one study – nerd heaven!

The report is a good reminder of the role that libraries can and do play with digital inclusion. And in my experience as a Reference Librarian and someone who has done tech training in libraries as recently as this summer, the folks who forget about the library are the folks who don’t need it. The people on the far edge of the digital divide know about libraries. Maybe not everyone on the edge of the digital divide thinks library – but I can tell you a lot do. (Last year a report indicated that 91 percent of Americans 16 and older think libraries are important.)

So if everyone thinks it’s important why am I writing about it? Why are they doing research? Because all libraries are not created equal. Government Technology highlights the urban-rural difference…

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