The European Research Area: of carrots and sticks… and some Knowledge Transfer – LERU : League of European Research Universities

The League of European Research Universities (LERU) makes new recommendations for the development of a more effective and efficient European Research Area (ERA).


My view: There is some attention for Knowledge Transfer (KT), but it is not sufficiently ‘impactelligent’ and impact driven to become a major innovation force.


LERU: Key points in Knowledge Transfer:
• Promote permissive, incentive-led KT environments ensuring flexible interactions inside and outside of the university.
• Support the development of a culture of KT awareness and value by building experienced KT offices and personnel.
• Increase volume market demand in Europe by providing incentives to stimulate university-industry KT interaction, including patent boxes, targeted tax incentives, leveraged funding for commercial development of academic origin technology and well-managed patent pools.


LERU: Conditions for effective Knowledge Transfer:
a) high quality intellectual property (supply side);
b) skilled, knowledge transfer professionals with
commercial experience;
c) a significant base of sophisticated and engaged
industrial consumers (demand side);
d) business leaders, technologists, and business
development people willing and able to engage
with technology and transaction types appropriate
to the academic world;
e) explicit long-term encouragement from government;
f ) a culture of engagement and valuing KT within
industry, universities and public research organisations
g) a permissive environment to allow flexible interaction.


Fulltext report:



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