Best University Practices on Outreach and public engagement

The focus of this report is to examine the ways in which universities can achieve successful outreach, highlighting current effective strategies that can be used and the challenges faced in engaging stakeholders of all ages and interests in the research and teaching activities of the university.


The Ulab Project, “European Laboratory for modelling the technical research University of tomorrow”, is an innovative think-tank of five leading Technical and Research-intensive European Universities, committed to work together to renew University policies in research, valorisation, entrepreneurship and outreach..


Project title European Laboratory for Modelling the Technical Research University of Tomorrow

Call identifier FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY-2010-UNIV Funding Scheme Coordination and Support Action Document ID Document reference D5.1

Title Best Practices on Outreach Due Date 30th September 2011 Delivery Date 13th October 2011 Document Author/s Monica Bulger, William Dutton, and Rebecca Eynon Document Reviewer David Sutcliffe Version 1.0 Dissemination level Public Abstract This document reports on current practices, difficulties and challenges for the future on Outreach (or Public Engagement) for European Universities and compiles different best practices of Ulab partners on these activities.


Fulltext report:



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