Google Boosts AUN’s ICT With Grant | American University of Nigeria


American University of Nigeria (AUN) is collaborating with Internet giant, Google, in a bid to boost its ICT infrastructure.


Collaboration, which has been on for about a year, recently reached an advanced stage when Chief Information Officer, Julius Ayuk Tabe, entered an Infrastructure Collaboration


Agreement with Google. Under this agreement, the University will use funds from Google to purchase goods and services that will help support and expand its network, and increase Internet availability on campus.


The grant is part of Google’s effort to support African universities that are in its Google Apps Supporting Program, GASP, on the continent. Six universities in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Senegal are part of the GASP, and Google is planning to offer the program at more sub-Saharan African universities. The goal of GASP is to ensure that Google Apps are widely used at its partner-universities. AUN is the only university in Nigeria participating in this program.


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Nevermore Sithole‘s insight:

Google Ups Supporting Program and African Universities. A good partnership for Internet access development in Africa.

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